Fixed background image (posted on Feb 27th, 2012 by ShadowHeart)
I've fixed the site background, so that it no longer repeats for those with resolutions greater than 1600 pixels wide. Yes, this has bothered me for all these years :-) Sheer lazyness has stopped me from doing this before. Well... the fix was only, what, 5 years late?
Account setup completed (posted on Jan 9th, 2007 by ShadowHeart)
A first simple version of the account setup page is now completed, so members can now update their account details. Member list and viewing of member details has already been completed earlier, I guess registration page should come next? We'll see.
Bug fixes (posted on Jan 8th, 2007 by ShadowHeart)
I've finally started working on this site again after a few months of inactivity. The banner upload was really buggy and had to be cleaned big time, and there was a bug with the login not properly updating last login date, etc, as well.
Progress update (posted on Oct 18th, 2006 by ShadowHeart)
The links page is now available with links to some other banner sites. More links will be added in the future. If you know of any good banner sites, do not hesitate to ask me to add them. It is now also possible for members to upload their own banners. Now, I know registration is not available yet, but that's not too far off now.
The Shadowed Gallery online (posted on Sep 29th, 2006 by ShadowHeart)
The Shadowed Gallery is online, but under heavy construction still. Lots of things aren't up and running yet. Be patient!